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revolving board tower sketch map
filling tower lectotype meter
wind output appearance size
1000M3/h D700/D1900H5500
2000M3/h D900/D11100H5500
3000M3/h D1100/D11400H6000
4000M3/h D1300/D11600H6000
5000M3/h D1500/D11800H6500
7500M3/h D1700/D12000H7000
10000M3/h D1900/D12200H7500
15000M3/h D2300/D12600H7500
20000M3/h D2700/D13000H8000
25000M3/h D2900/D13200H8500
30000M3/h D3300/D13600H8500
40000M3/h D3700/D14000H9000
50000M3/h D4200/D14500H9000
multilevel filling tower absorbing equipment
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